When I saw the announcement of this hair, I rushed over to Eshi Otawara’s shop and was the first to purchase it. Since then, SL has been a bit unpredictable and I’m just getting my post up. It reminds me a bit of a Dr. Seuss illustration—okay, maybe more than just a bit, and since I’ve always been a big Dr. Seuss fan, I had to have it. The Flower Arrangement is such fun, I couldn’t resist trying to spot those ladybugs on my head. (You can wear the hair without the ladybugs, but who would want to?)

The Flower Arrangement

Hair: Eshi Otawara—The Flower Arrangement

Skin: Belleza—Erika (Fair 0)

Makeup: blackLiquid Makeup—Dusted Elm (on and around eyelids), Orange Fizz Matte Lipstick over Kabuki Red Matte Lipstick

Model & Photographer: Xenobia Foxclaw

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