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POST 356

Thursday, June 20th, 2013

Yula Finesmith has designed the perfect gown for jewelry. Here is a closeup of the red version. All of the colors come with a neckpiece and a belt. The clasps have a similar element to Yula’s Diamond set, so I added the earrings from the set.

Finesmith Red gown 1

The neckpiece and belt can be removed. Here I’ve added the rest of the Diamonds set. The cut of the gown allows jewelry to be the focus.

Finesmith Red Gown Jewelry

The white gown may be my favorite. It has a nice, silvery sheen to it, and I couldn’t help but add the FineSmith Xenobia set to it. I’m sure you can see why I like them so much.

Finesmith gown_006

Finesmith gown_004 copy

I almost forgot to show you the length. I love mesh gowns, they fit so much better than the old system skirts. What I didn’t show you is a back view, the gown is cut quite low in the back but no so low to show any cleavage that would be embarrassing to a lady.

Finesmith gown_003 copy

What Xenobia Is Wearing and Other Credits

Gowns:  FineSmith—Bali Gown (Red & White)

Jewelry with Red Gown: FineSmith—Diamonds Set (Color-change)

Jewelry with White Gown: FineSmith—Xenobia Set (Color-change)

Shoes: G Field—Ribbon Slingback Shoes (White)

Skin: Izzie’s—Ginevra Skin (Sunkissed DB)

Hair worn with Red Bali Gown: [elikatira]—Found (Black 04)

Hair worn with White Bali Gown: .:EMO-tions:.—TIZIA (Black)

Lip Gloss: Izzie’s—Fuyu Lipstick (Wine)

Eyes: My Precious—Agnes Beaute Eyes (Smooth Coffee) (M)

Eyelashes (Prim): Miamai—No Alpha Lashes No. 6

Eyelashes (Prim): CCD—RealLash Prim Lashes – #02 Normal (Black)

Eyelashes (Tattoo): [mock]—Priscilla Eyelashes [lash only] (black)

Fingernails: FineSmith—Short Nails (Red)

Poses: Manifeste

Model & Photographer: Xenobia Foxclaw

Background: KaTink


POST 355

Tuesday, June 18th, 2013

Here is a hat, Perkins, that was featured at the L’Amour Model Management/Tribute City Show of Xen’s Hats and Faboo. Perkins is another hat that I named after a town in Oklahoma. Right now you can get the hat on location here at Tribute City and at Xen’s Hats.

I’ve found several clothing items lately that have a nautical theme. I’m sure that’s because many of us like to get near or on water during the warm summer months.  This blouse seemed especially fun since it repeats the anchor on the hat. I added a soft denim jacket and red jeans to complete the look.

Perkins_003 copy

Perkins_002 copy

Perkins_001 copy

What Xenobia Is Wearing and Other Credits

Hat: Xen’s Hats—Perkins (Mesh)

Jacket: Emery—Mesh Denim Jacket Hollywood (Dark)

T-shirt: Tres Blah—Anchor Tee

Jeans: (Elate!)—Elle Jeans Cranberry (Mesh)

Shoes: {{BSD Design Studio}}—Fierce (Purple)

Skin: Izzie’s—Ginevra Skin (sunkissed DB)

Hair: booN—KBO906 hair (black) + center part A hairbase (black)

Lipstick: Izzie’s—Fuyu Lipstick wine

Eyes: My Precious—Agnes Beaute Eyes (Smooth Coffee)

Eyelashes (Prim): Miamai—No Alpha Lashes No. 6

Eyelashes (Prim): CCD—RealLash Prim Lashes – #02 Normal (Black)

Eyelashes (Tattoo): [mock]—Priscilla Eyelashes [lash only] (black)

Fingernails: FineSmith—Solid Red

Poses: Manifeste

Model & Photographer: Xenobia Foxclaw


POST 354

Tuesday, May 28th, 2013

Xen’s Hats will be featured in a fashion show on June 1 at 12:00 p.m. SLT sponsored by L’Amour Agency and Tribute City. In the time leading up to the show, I’ll share with you some of the hats. This first one is named for two things: the Oklahoma town of Perry named after J.A. Perry, one of the township commissioners; and Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry, a naval commander for whom Perrysburg, Ohio was named. I had fun styling the hat to fit the naval theme.

Perry_001 copy

Perry_003 copy

Perry_002 copy

What Xenobia Is Wearing and Other Credits

Hat: Xen’s Hats—XH Perry (Available at Xen’s Hats and at the L’Amour/Tribute site)

Jacket: Valentina E—Cadet Blazer (Mountie)

Blouse:—Layering.Tank – V (White)

Slacks: GizzA—Classic Trousers – Mesh (blue)

Earrings: FineSmith—H2O Earrings (Color-change)

Shoes: Just Design—Cruel (Gold)

Skin: Izzie’s—Ginevra Skin (Sunkissed DB)

Hair: booN—PKJ371 hair (black) + lower gathered hairbase

Lip Gloss: M.O.C.K Cosmetics—Vermilion Lip Creme

Eyes: My Precious—Agnes Fae Eyes (Arctic Prince)

Eyelashes (Prim): Miamai—No Alpha Lashes No. 6

Eyelashes (Prim): CCD—RealLash Prim Lashes – #02 Normal (Black)

Eyelashes (Tattoo): [mock]—Priscilla Eyelashes [lash only] (black)

Fingernails: FineSmith—Solid Red

Poses: PosESioN

Model & Photographer: Xenobia Foxclaw

Background: KaTink


POST 353

Friday, May 3rd, 2013

The Runway Perfect Hunt 4 (TRPH 4) is in full swing. Each item is only 5L and, while the hunt is geared toward models, everyone can find something useful. The hunt is limited to only 50 stores, and that makes it a manageable hunt. Here is the link to TRPH 4 website where you can find the hints and SLURLS ( (I’m giving you the URL because I cannot get the program to make this a link even though it’s working below. Go figure.)

I’m showing a few of the items in these photos. In the credits you can learn which of these are from the hunt.

TRPH4 _002

TRPH4 _003

What Xenobia Is Wearing and Other Credits

Hat: Xen’s Hats—XH Autry Blue (Mesh) (TRPH 4)

Outfit: SVART—I Ren Shorts and Top (TRPH 4)

Sunglasses: SEQUOIA STYLE—Let It Shine Sunglasses (TRPH 4)

Shoes: Loordes of London—Burbleary Boots (Olive) (TRPH 4)

Skin: Izzie’s—Ginevra Skin (Sunkissed DB)

Hair: Vanity Hair—Easy (Nova Black)

Lipstick: [mock]—Mariellis Lip Shine Lip 1(Bubblegum Cabaret) (TRPH 4)

Eyes: My Precious—Agnes Beaute Eyes (Smooth Coffee)

Eyelashes (Prim): Miamai—No Alpha Lashes No. 6

Eyelashes (Prim) (Yes, I wear two sets of prim lashes): CCD—RealLash Prim Lashes – #02 Normal (Black)

Eyelashes (Tattoo): [mock]—Priscilla Eyelashes [lash only] (black)

Fingernails: JA/Jamman Jewels & Accessories—Square Long Aqueos 3d (TRPH 4)

Poses: Ma Vie (TRPH 4)

Model & Photographer: Xenobia Foxclaw

POST 352

Tuesday, April 23rd, 2013

I’ve found a great shoe designer whose work I found at The Dressing Room Fusion this month. (I showed that shoe in my last post.)  Just Design (JD) is new to me although you may be familiar with this shop. The designer, Dave Freeman, has the best hud for selecting skin color I’ve seen in SL. (Someone else might be using it, but I haven’t seen it before, and it’s great!)

Here is the shoe with no hud shown.

Just Design_001

This is the first hud screen that shows all of the skin tones organized by skin maker (Base tones, Glam Affair, Belleza, League, Al Vulo, Laqroki). Don’t see something that is perfect? No problem, you can modify the color. You can also select nail color. In these photos I’m showing different skin tones and nail colors. I used only the preset tones, even with the skins from blackLiquid and Izzie’s, and had no trouble finding an easy match.

Just Design_005

The second hud screen is especially useful if you purchase a fatpack like I did. It was fun to play around with the different options.

Just Design_004

This final screen I like because of the ankle lock. I often wear a hud just to lock my ankles so they don’t go into an unnatural ankle position when I’m posing. This shoe allows me to skip that extra hud.

Just Design_007


When I had a difficult time reading the first hud screen that lists the skins by designers—I just could not read the print because it’s small and the contrast between the grey of the print and the black of the hud is too low—the designer sent me a link that helped me read it a bit more easily. I appreciated his response.

I’m going to keep my eyes open for more shoes by this designer. I love the ease of working with the skin tones, and I appreciate that the cost of the fatpack was a good savings over buying each shoe color individually.

Here is a link to Just Designs.

POST 351

Monday, April 22nd, 2013

I’m coming to terms with the fact that I will never catch up with anything—life is constantly ahead of me and always will be. Given that (sigh) here are some items I haven’t shown you…some are new and some are not, but they are all great.

This post goes from my hat to my shoes and a few things in between. To get it out today instead of a month from now, I’ll rely on photos and skip the text.

Xen’s Hat Edmond Beige (on sale for 55L for Meshie Monday)


Dura Hair Girl 46 and FineSmith Jewelry


Dura Hair Girl 45

Dura Girl 45_006

Ricielli and PosESioN

XH Edmond Beige

JD Shoes (available at The Dressing Room Fusion)


What Xenobia Is Wearing and Other Credits

Hat: Xen’s Hats—Edmond (Beige)

Dress: Ricielli Mesh—Bangdage MInidress (Caramel)

Jewelry: FineSmith—Desire (Necklace, Earrings, Bracelet) (White Metal & Changeable Stones)

Shoes: JD (Just Design)—Cruel (Python) (name where purchased

Skin: Izzie’s—Ginevra Skin (fair LB)

Hair 1: Dura—Girl 46 (Black)

Hair 2: Dura—Girl 45(Black)

Lip Gloss: ROZEN—Sugar Gloss (Orange)

Eyes: My Precious—Agnes Beaute Eyes (Smooth Coffee)

Eyelashes (Prim): Miamai—No Alpha Lashes No. 6

Eyelashes (Prim): CCD—RealLash Prim Lashes – #02 Normal (Black)

Eyelashes (Tattoo): [mock]—Priscilla Eyelashes [lash only] Bblack)

Fingernails: FineSmith—Acid Orange

Poses: PosESioN

Model & Photographer: Xenobia Foxclaw

Background: KaTink—Spotlight Pack

POST 350

Thursday, March 14th, 2013

Bev Composite

Very shortly after I joined SL with my original avi in 2007, I met a real life author, Nathan Lowell, who had his first books published in audio format—free audio format at Podiobooks. I have always liked to read and, I was interested to hear what his voice sounded like. So I listened to his first three books and, frankly, he has a voice I would listen to any old time. I liked his characters and enjoyed his stories. He has written more and I’ve read and/or listened to them all. I can hardly wait for his next book.

The character from his books that I have found myself styling over and over again is Beverly, a tough cookie. Above is my latest rendition of her in her street wear. Bev has a lovely dark skin, and she wears her hair very, very short. She has piercings and tattoos, and wears a lot of leather. A white shirt with an open collar would be quite appropriate, but I couldn’t find one that worked with the jacket. I chose this one because it does work with the jacket and shows off a bit of her tattoos. Although I really like mesh clothing (both the jacket and boots are mesh) I chose non-mesh jeans because they tuck into the boots so nicely.

I asked Nathan to come in and check her for accuracy. I made some changes as per his suggestions, and now have his approval. (Although we would both like that white shirt with the open collar—I’m going to keep searching.) I was happy that the author himself approved her look.

If you would like to hear his books, you can find them at I suggest you start The Solar Clipper Series at the beginning with Quarter Share. You can find ebook versions of many of his books at (that link is the Kindle version) as well as some print versions. If you want to learn more about Nathan Lowell himself, check in on this site at (Here are the links for the Kindle editions of his first three books: Quarter Share, Half Share, and Full Share.)

I think I’ll listen again to his new series, Lammas Wood. I’d like to style Tanyth. She’s very different from Bev, but she’s every bit as interesting. In fact, maybe she’s more interesting.

What Xenobia Is Wearing and Other Credits

Jacket: V-Twins Biker OutfittersJacket *MESH*

Tank: My PreciousAgnes Ada Tank Top (Part of the Ada Jacket)

Jeans: LIZIAAH BoutiqueFaddict black pants

Ear Piercings: .:ellabella:.—Mingle

Facial Piercings: .:ellabella:.—Spike Lea’s Baby F

Boots: LaRoo—Clyde Boots (Black)

Skin: blackLiquid Makeup—Yoko (Wallnut)

Tattoo: Garden of Ku Tattoo—Onamusha (Faded)

Hairbase: booN—Basic Shaved Hair Base (Black)

Eyes: My Precious—Agnes Beaute Eyes (Dearest Mine) (M)

Eyelashes (Prim): Miamai—No Alpha Lashes No. 6

Eyelashes (Tattoo): [mock]—Priscilla Eyelashes [lash only] (black)

Fingernails: FineSmith—FineSmith Nails Solid (Black)

Poses: Manifeste

Model & Photographer: Xenobia Foxclaw

Background: KaTink


Wednesday, February 13th, 2013

My time in SL is usually filled with designing, styling, photographing, blogging, teaching, modeling, and spending time with friends—not necessarily in that order. Because my time is so full, I don’t have time to do a lot of hunts, so I have to be selective about those I participate in. The FineSmith Valentine Hunt is one I have spent time on because I love her designs. This is not a free hunt, the items cost from 0-100L per box, and each one is worth more than its cost. I’m showing just a few of the items, as some of the items come in more than one color.

Here are five of the looks you can find. Each piece is up to Yula’s usual high level of design as you would expect from her. I think you’ll like them as much as I do.

Heartfelt (Comes in black, gold, and silver)

FineSmith Heartfelt

Darklove (Comes in black, gold, and silver)

FineSmith Darklove


Finesmith Lovenugget_001


FineSmith Hotred


Touch of Love Rings (Six color combinations) and Lovespell Hairsticks (Three color combinations)
FineSmith Touch of Love & Lovespell

The first, middle, and last hairs are all by Dura. The second is from blackLiquid, and fourth is from Damselfly. All poses are from Manifeste.

What are you waiting for? Go, hunt! FineSmith Valentine Hunt

POST 348

Tuesday, January 15th, 2013

The new FineSmith Papiyon set, complete with wings, makes me feel like an angel…

Papiyon 4

…so I donned an angelic gown from My Precious…

Papiyon 1

…found some flying animations from an AO by BehaviorBody…

Papiyon 1

…completed the styling for what I thought an angel might look like…

Papiyon 3

…and almost convinced myself that I’m really an angel…that lasted only a few seconds before I came returned to reality.

What Xenobia Is Wearing and Other Credits

Jewelry: FineSmith—Papiyon (Necklace, Earrings, Wings, Bracelet & Ring)  (Silver)

Dress: My Precious—Luna Queen

Tights: Sheer—Tights A1 (White)

Shoes: G FieldRibbon Slingback Shoes (White)

Skin: blackLiquid Makeup—Yoko (Paper)

Hair: Amacci—Pythia + Hairbase (White)

Lip Gloss: blackLiquid Makeup—African Dream Sheer Shimer (1)

Eyes: My Precious—Agnes Beaute Eyes (Blythe Spirit, M)

Eye Shadow: Madrid Solo—Eyeshadow (Vixen 2)

Eyelashes (Prim): blackLiquid Makeup—Little Lashes

Eyelashes (Tattoo): [mock]—Priscilla Eyelashes [lash only] (black)

Fingernails: FineSmith—Solid White

Animations: BehaviorBody Animations—MODEL XXX AO V1

Model & Photographer: Xenobia Foxclaw

Background: KaTink—Skies Pack 3


POST 347

Monday, January 7th, 2013

I love to dress up in SL partially because I don’t have many clothing choices in RL, and those I do have are not nearly so elegant as my SL clothing.

FineSmith Tyra

Consider this gorgeous new mesh pencil skirt from Indyra Originals. I love the contrasting lines that make this skirt so interesting. It comes in several color-pack choices with several skirts in each pack. I dare you to make a decision quickly, unless it’s to buy them all. I paired the skirt with this cute, short mesh jacket from Color.Me.H.O.F. and one of my old staples, still useful in this day of mesh, a basic tank from Izzie’s.

No outfit would be complete without jewelry, so I chose this Ellendir Diamond Joy Necklace and Earrings from FineSmith. I love the texture change feature of this jewelry set that makes it so versatile. It comes with a tiara that didn’t seem to go with the more casual look I’m sporting today.


What Xenobia Is Wearing and Other Credits

Jewelry: FineSmith— Ellendir Diamond Joy Necklace & Earrings (Texture-change)

Skirt: Indyra Originals—Memoire’ Pencil Skirt (Pearl/Black)

Tank: Izzie’s—Basic Tank (Nude)

Jacket: Color.Me.H.O.F—ScarletBlazer (Black)

Shoes: CHoOoZ—Mafia:Reloaded (Black)

Skin: blackLiquid Makeup—Yoko (Paper)

Hair: Dura—Boys & Girls 39 (Mocha)

Lip Gloss: blackLiquid Makeup Black Cherry Sheer Shimer

Eyes: My Precious—Agnes Beaute Eyes (Smooth Coffee)

Eye Shadow: Lovely Mi—Au Nature (Green) 

Eyelashes (Prim): Miamai—No Alpha Lashes No. 6

Eyelashes (Tattoo): [mock]—Priscilla Eyelashes [lash only] (black)

Fingernails: FineSmith—Nails (French Nude)

Poses: Manifeste

Model & Photographer: Xenobia Foxclaw

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